About Us

We moved here from Hackney, London in May 2007. We bought and renovated Higher Westcott Farm. 4 years later we found our rhythm and reached a good level with our award winning (trumpets please) and successful bed and breakfast.

With a few spare hours, our fingers started tapping and we realised that we may live in the relaxed ambling countryside, but our minds were still very go-go urban.

“Let’s buy another house. A bigger, better one. Let’s do it again” we pondered.

So here we are, Weeke Barton. Just under a year after buying we’re open.

Higher Westcott Farm is now a self catering holiday home, this, Weeke Barton, is a guesthouse. We have taken the praise and the “comments” of Westcott, all our experience from life in London- as a graphic designer and restaurant manager- and the bits that our guests have liked best. Added a little of that and a sprinkle of this.

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We love this house! I mean we really love it!
We hope you do too.