we have been expecting you



hello Autumn we’ve been

expecting you


Wow what a summer that was...

People talk of 76’, but I was 5 then and can’t really remember the joy of an endless Summer. But 18’ (which doesn’t have quite the same ring as 76’..?) well that one I will. Not just because every day was a scorcher, not just because Weeke Barton buzzed everyday with happy visitors to the gorgeous Dartmoor National Park but also because every plant was literally the happiest I have seen them.

This Autumn, as harvest time kicks in I am inundated with walnuts, sweet chestnuts and hazelnuts - “yes its true squirrels I beat you this year, go get your haul elsewhere! - then there are the plums, apples and damsons. We are processing day and night in order to preserve them all through Winter so they can be enjoyed by you lovely lot.

Our neighbours, Swanaford Estate, are positively bursting with Englands finest vintage and greatest haul in history. These are epic times people. Now sitting nestled in the fridge in our bar is last years bottles of fizz and their Estate white.

But its important to spare time to get out and enjoy the colours, listen to the crunch and soak up the low rise sunshine while its here. Nature is having a moment and we are all invited.

Coco the ever ready spaniel has got a new play mate by the name of Winston. He is also a spaniel and totally cute. Slightly chubby for his 5 months, but then he is consuming the odd sausage, most of the cats food along with his own. He loves cars, is partial to a footwell or two he has tried to leave with every guest since his arrival. We feel his customer service is exemplary - hosting right up to that final moment. But please check footwells before departure.

We do love him and want to keep him as i’m sure you will to. There is something about a Spanial and their lovely warm nature.

Come join us and take some time out to enjoy the most beautiful season on Dartmoor.  


Sam Perry